Karen Silton has been a full-time professional ceramist, fine art mosaicist and educator for the last twenty years. She has created an ongoing, ever expanding career as an artist due to her incredible versatility and design capabilities. She has developed a loyal base of worldwide collectors and customers for her heartfelt and high quality handcrafted products. She has also created numerous commissions for interior and exterior spaces. Her own evolution as a fine artist informs her most recent series of fine art mosaics that integrate her highly developed artistic skills with her intellectual capabilities and soulful, sensual expression. These have been included in a variety of high quality mosaic exhibitions as well. She is passionate about furthering her own growth as an artist and has studied with Isaiah Zagar, Luciana Notturni and Sherry Warner-Hunter.  She seeks to balance this quest for her own growth with sharing her wealth of knowledge and experience with her students which she has been doing since 1998. She has a B.A. degree in Sociology from UCLA and a Certificate of Completion from Santa Monica College of Design, Art and Architecture.

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